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Rosalie Trombley Commemorative

September 17th thru Winter 2024

Chimczuk Museum,

401 Riverside Drive West

The temporary Rosalie Trombley Commemorative Exhibition includes biographical information, stories of Rosalie’s life, musician features, records, audio recordings, fashion, vintage items and artifacts from the Big 8, awards, tributes and more. The exhibition is researched, designed, created and installed by Chris Renaud and the team at HCA Mindbox, working hand-in-hand with the Trombley family.

“It has been an honour for myself and HCA Mindbox to work with Tim Trombley, his brother Todd and sister Diane, the City, the Museum Windsor team, many partners and some of Rosalie’s CKLW colleagues to research her life and gather the stories, memories, artifacts, images, awards and more that will help to share that story with the public,” says Chris Renaud of HCA Mindbox. “Through our work on historical exhibitions for Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, Willistead Manor, the Town of Essex and many other projects, we are proud to tell the stories of some of the rich history of our region, and bring them to life in visually interesting, compelling ways. I’m excited to see the Rosalie Trombley Commemorative Exhibition open to the public over at the Chimczuk Museum, as we all celebrate the life and times of ‘the girl with the golden ear."

Chris Renaud - HCA Mindbox

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